Friday, February 28, 2014

Tito Puente: Mambo King

So, I have another lesson I'm supposed to post before this one, but I'm riding the high of this last one and couldn't wait to write about it!

  Ms. Greene's ESL class came to the library to hear about another person for their biography notebook. We read Tito Puente: Mambo King by Monica Brown. One of her students, read the Spanish parts of the book for me.

 As before, the students took notes on the important parts of Tito's life. We then listened to Tito Puente's orchestra play Oye Como Va.

The kids were listening to the music, but didn't know what song it was until the singers yelled out "Oye como va" and some of the students yelled it out in surprise! It was such a wonderful moment!

 Next, we watched Tito and his percussionists perform Five Beat Mambo so the students could see him dance and play on stage. They found him very entertaining.

The students took a moment to write down some characteristics of Tito while I got out their surprise...I had asked our percussion teacher, Mr. Kath, for some instruments the students could experiment with for this lesson. After we passed them out, I let the students just have time to make some noise...

then we turned on the music and they REALLY got into it! It was so much fun! Students headed back to the classroom to write an original story of their meeting with Tito for our POTEET WRITES!

The best part, is that one of the girls has requested that I find a bilingual book in Arabic so she can read aloud with me next time! WooHoo!

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