Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Professor Aesop's The Crow and the Pitcher

Last week, I used Professor Aesop's the Crow and the Pitcher by Stephanie Gwyn Brown to help an IPC (Integrated Physics and Chemistry) class review the steps in the Scientific Method.

They had been talking about the steps in class and were getting ready for the six weeks exams, so we used the story and activity for a simple, quick review that we hoped would stay with them in the weeks to come.

After reading the story, we completed the same experiment the crow did in the book, adding two more variables. The students recorded their information, drew conclusions and then wrote a paragraph about their experience.

It wasn't the best lesson (my feelings), but I'm also not a science teacher. Unfortunately for me, the teacher I had planned with, had to leave that day and I worked with her partner who had not been in on our planning. I think if the teacher had been there, it would have gone better because she knows the content, and I supplied the story. The students did seems to enjoy the exercise, so I hope the next time we do it, it will be a stronger lesson.

I have to remind myself they can't all go exactly like I want them to! :)

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